Corporate Hampers - Make a lasting impression!

When it comes to Corporate Gift Hampers, Laurel Tree Hampers has it covered for you. We like to do things different for customers who want to impress and show uniqueness in their gift. 

Do you need Settlement gifts for your best customers or is it Incentive rewards for your staff? Here at Laurel Tree Hampers we believe that gift hampers should be looked apon with appreciation and thanks.

Carefully hand packed and chosen delicacies, our gift hampers are hand packed with care. Our customer service is high quality with communication constantly with you regarding your order.  We believe that Corporate means Professionalism, Experience, Uniqueness, Creativity, Impressions, and Love. Corporate is what you as a customer want and we want to provide that Corporate to you. 

We offer Corporate Branding, Corporate Gift Tags or a selected Gift tag and Corporate Ribbon.  We also offer at a little extra cost, sand blasting on our wines and glassware - The wait and extra cost truly make it worthwhile in choosing this option. It really makes a difference which is what you want as a customer.

Please call us or send an email enquiry so that we can assist you in what you want to stand out and be different with your corporate gift.

You need delivery for your corporate gifts, so here at Laurel Tree Hampers we deliver Australia wide and overseas with affiliates.